If you’ve never read Gareth Spark, well, you’ve missed out. He has an eye for detail which drags you right into the story and keeps you mesmerised. He is part of the writing collective, Zelmer Pulp, which comes out with some crackpot and very entertaining anthologies, and his work is all over the Internet and various anthologies. He lives in Dracula country – Whitby, Yorkshire – and his stories are full of such – wait for it – bite. I thanken you. 

The Burned Earth is his contribution to the Paladins anthology, and a great read. To get a feel for his work, read The English Dark. 

Paladins is an anthology curated by Aidan Thorn in honour of the fabulous Henrietta Furchtenicht. It’s dark, violent and can make you very uncomfortable. But you’ll love it. All proceeds go to help fight Multiple Myeloma. 

You can buy Paladins from Amazon.