Been a hectic spring. Aidan Thorn’s magnificent Paladins came out, which features a tale of mine (Jabs and Uppercuts). I’ve not shifted my eyeballs from Moorlands for the past few months, which is now on pre-order (released on 30 May), and now I’m arm-deep into Bullets, Teeth & Fists 2, a bunch of short stories, flash pieces and novelettes populated by bastards, sweethearts, and those caught inbetween, which should be out sometime in June.

All exciting stuff.

In the meantime, I’m reading Julie Morrigan’s terrifying Cutter’s Deal – which has had me flinching even when I don’t have my head in its pages. Paul D. Brazill, Thomas Pluck, Carmen Amato, Mark Wilson, Ryan Bracha and Ed James are next on the list.

Thanks to Chris Lucania for the Moorlands cover – the gent, Ryan Bracha for formatting, and the to-the-point Mark Wilson for blurb advice. Grand, every one of them.

The short blurb:

A missing sister, an emerald-encrusted ring, dodgy friends, and money-induced cracks in the family shake Larry from the jaded husk he’s become.
Torn between greed and sentiment, can Larry gain peace from old friends – and find Sophie alive?

The Long Blurb (for those who want a spoiler or two):

A missing sister, an emerald-encrusted ring, dodgy friends, and money-induced cracks in his family pull Larry from the used-up husk he’s become.
His sister, Sophie, is missing and his step-dad, Bill, wants him to use his criminal skills to find her. Larry’s in debt to Stan, who has hidden his dark side well. Larry’s discovered the worth of a ring he stole from Sheffield mayoral candidate and ex-neighbour from childhood days, Terence. It will pay his debt if only he can get his hands on it. Problem – it’s with Bill, who won’t give it back until he finds his sister.
As time runs out on paying Stan his money, Larry fears his sister is more than avoiding everybody. His nerves are stretched at multiple suspicions, from friends’ roving eyes to a suspicious one-night stand.
Torn between greed and sentiment, can Larry escape Stan’s horror – and find Sophie alive?

You can pre-order Moorlands here.