Graham Wynd is a pen name for the cracking K.A. Laity. She shares her time between the US and Scotland (she seems to prefer her time in the latter) and so her work flits between a variety of locales. She’s prolific and can shift between creepy and heartbreaking. My favourite Laity story (so far) is A Secret Place from her Unquiet Dreams collection. On a long drive when I’m in a thousand yard stare, that one still pops into my head. 

As Laity, she has produced nutsoid novels such as White Rabbit, as well as Chastity Flame (a female Bond) and Hardboiled Witch, and as Wynd the acclaimed Satan’s Sorority and Extricate. Anybody who likes a twist on an idea should get involved. To get a feel for her work, have a gander at Toy Monkey at Pulp Metal Magazine. 

Her top contribution to Paladins is Inevitable.


Paladins is out now at Amazons US and UK as an ebook and paperback. All profits go to the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation, and it’s in honour of the fantastic Henrietta Furchtenicht. I hope you all get involved.