The second story in Aidan Thorn‘s Paladins anthology is … ahem … mine. Jabs and Uppercuts started as something else entirely, and has ended up somewhat sicker than I expected when I began. Funny how these buggers take on a life of their own – I always start with an outline and without fail I always stray from the path. Makes it all better, though, as it surprises as you write the thing. It’s about a boxer, Frankie, hiding from the consequences of a lost fight. The neighbours encourage him to coach their reluctant, pain in the arse son to instill some discipline. Their initial wariness develops into a strong working relationship. Except – something’s not quite right. I hope it surprises all you who read the beast.


The anthology is inspired by the fabulous Henrietta Furchtenicht and her husband, Craig, and is in support of curing Multiple Myeloma. All proceeds will go to the charity, and every writer has worked hard to do the anthology justice. When it comes out near the end of February, I urge you all to get involved. 

Here’s the cover, designed by top talent, Mark Wilson: