I finished this book at about 4.30am on a fevered morning when I couldn’t get to sleep and I was sweating like a pig-dog. The book did not help that fever. Gordon Cutter is a gangster with a one track mind for revenue streams. He sees people as tools to increase his streams and power and he’ll do some grimy shite if anyone gets in his way. 

In contrast to this psychopath, the other narrators – siblings Livvy and Jack – are a pair of naive kids just looking to get the family back on its feet after their dad has been laid off. They’ll take anything just to get food on the table. 

Cutter has plans for them both and it’s not the glamour either one of them expected. 

Julie Morrigan has created a foul character in Cutter. The book doesn’t shy away from graphic beatings and murder, and delves into paedophile rings involving the local great and good.

The book will make you scratch and fidget and look away. It’s bloody horrible. And really good. 

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