Another work of comic sleaze from noir master Paul D. Brazill. Peter Ord is a private eye in Seatown, a blustery place in northeast England, full of blustery characters. Ord stumbles from one job to another in the company of the drunks, the nutters, and bottles of special sauce to keep him arm’s length from life’s cold realities. His main task throughout this novella is to serve up info and complete tasks for the local gangster, Jack. But never mind all that, the plot (which are more moments in the life of Ord) is purely in the service of delivering hilarious scenes with chapters punctuated with tasty punchlines. Every chapter will at the very least raise a happy smile, and more often bellow a laugh at the nutters within.

A taster:

He was guarded at first but after a couple of drinks the words tumbled out of Ernie’s mouth like a gang of deunks staggering out of a pub at closing time’ …

This kind of stuff just spills out the book. It’s short and sweet, and well worth an investment of time.

Note: As of now, I cannot find the book in the Kindle store, though it is available in paperback if you look hard enough at Amazon.