Shamus Dust is a postwar London-set whodunit noir thriller that is so rich you have to take your time over it. It starts with a murder, which rolls into a body-count high enough to keep the American PI Newman on his toes, involving the secrets of the city’s rich, their affairs, the corruption of London City policemen, and Roman ruins exciting enough to stall redevelopment riches to certain developers.

Roger has the atmosphere of a ruined, snowy London down so much you can feel the cold and hear the crunch under your slippered feet. The conversations drip with classic black and white noir, and some of the colour she puts into the descriptions read like poetry. Sometimes, it’s a bit too much – I liked the words so much sometimes that I lost the thread of the plot with all the situational detail. But when these characters talk you’ll put on your fedora and hang onto the characters’ coattails to see where they’ll take you.

Good stuff.