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Paladins – edited by Aidan Thorn

Gabriel Valjan caps Paladins with a Beauty

Gabriel Valjan’s Back in the Day ends this Paladins adventure – and caps it beautifully. Valjan, from and residing in New England, Gabriel has a pen glued to his hand with all the works he has out there. His Roma series stretches to six and those who know had him on the shortlist for 2010’s Fish Short Story Prize. You’re going to love Back in the Day.  

Paladins is a bunch of short stories written by a bunch of criminals (minded), curated by our Fagin, Aidan Thorn. All proceeds go to The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. The book is in honour of Henrietta Furchtenicht, who battles the condition (and keeps her husband in check).

I hope you all get involved. 

You can buy Paladins from Amazon US and UK

Paladins: David Jaggers Balances the Scales

Paladins’ David Jaggers contributes Balancing the Scales to this cracking collection. Jaggers has been scurrying around crime fiction’s underbelly for a while until he recently exploded through its stomach to gnash and snarl at us with Down in the Devil Hole (published by Near to the Knuckle). He’s kept good company with Brit Grit superstar Paul D. Brazill in Last Word and that scoundrel Aidan Thorn in Rogue. 

You can get a taste for him through his short stories – here. Paladins is out right now in paperback and ebook form. All profits go to the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation who are working to cure the cancer. The book, curated by Aidan Thorn, is dedicated to Henrietta Furchtenicht who is right now cocking a snook at the disease. Here’s to her.

I hope you all get involved.

You can buy Paladins at Amazon US and Amazon UK.


Christopher Davis is Low and Outside

Paladins is a fine mix of British and American writers, and Christopher Davis is one of many who represents the left side of the Atlantic. He has a bunch of grimy, gritty, jammed-in-the-back-teeth shorts on sites such as Near to the Knuckle, where he had the most viewed story of 2014.

He’s in a bunch of anthologies such as Pulp Modern, and a couple of novellas out on Amazon. His perfect piece for Paladins is Low and Outside. Paladins is a charity anthology curated by Aidan Thorn. You can find him allover the internet like kitten pictures, but he’s nowhere near as cute. All profits from the book go to the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation, which fights this form of cancer. The book is in honour of the fabulous Henrietta Furchtenicht who is currently in battle against the condition. Here’s to her. Hope you all get involved.

Graham Wynd is Paladin. 

Graham Wynd is a pen name for the cracking K.A. Laity. She shares her time between the US and Scotland (she seems to prefer her time in the latter) and so her work flits between a variety of locales. She’s prolific and can shift between creepy and heartbreaking. My favourite Laity story (so far) is A Secret Place from her Unquiet Dreams collection. On a long drive when I’m in a thousand yard stare, that one still pops into my head. 

As Laity, she has produced nutsoid novels such as White Rabbit, as well as Chastity Flame (a female Bond) and Hardboiled Witch, and as Wynd the acclaimed Satan’s Sorority and Extricate. Anybody who likes a twist on an idea should get involved. To get a feel for her work, have a gander at Toy Monkey at Pulp Metal Magazine. 

Her top contribution to Paladins is Inevitable.


Paladins is out now at Amazons US and UK as an ebook and paperback. All profits go to the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation, and it’s in honour of the fantastic Henrietta Furchtenicht. I hope you all get involved. 

Matt Mattila gets Gritty for Paladins

Matt Mattila’s voice – on paper – is all sandpaper and grit. You read one of his shorts, such as Hard and Good Times, and you can’t help but scratch around your neck and ears as you stare into the underworld he writes about. His eye for a scummy detail – ‘Flickering bulb cast piss yellow lights on the girl on the floor’ – is tawdry and epic at the same time. 

And here he is in Paladins, in which he contributes the cracking Take My Pain. Matt found his strong writing voice early. His work is at Shotgun Honey, The Flash Fiction Offensive, and in Near to the Knuckle’s Rogue anthology, all of which I urge you to read.


The eBook version of Paladins is out now. Curated by Aidan Thorn, it features 15 top quality writers, plus myself, with some dark, but thoroughly entertaining stories – all in aid of the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation, and in honour of our beacon, Henrietta Furchtenicht. 

You can buy Paladins from Amazons



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