I’m really excited, and it’s available for a wallet-saving $1.99 (or about £1.27 in the UK). It’s also available in a bunch of EU countries, Japan, India, and Brazil.


Click the links to buy Bullets, Teeth & Fists from the US or UK. It’s also available in the EU, India, Brazil and Japan.

Take a turn down a dark alley and witness a New York cop seeing murders before they happen. Climb a drainpipe and pad your way across London rooftops to see what a man would do to keep his daughter in the country. Drop down again, to that restaurant where a date goes from bad to worse, to boutique coffee. Boutique coffee? Wouldn’t you run?
14 short stories take you from London to New York, and to the sun-seared hills of Ancient Greece, that will have you dodging bullets, teeth, and fists all the way to the end.