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The Liberator is a very short, but filling read, about a priest with a Bible, a crucifix, and a pair of fists which pound more things than a pulpit. He’s on the warpath, looking for his kidnapped sister, and he’ll do anything to find her. Using Slovenian gangsters and torturing those-in-the-know for information, he searches London for her – taking the odd detour to help pound a bunch of football hooligans with the help of an ex-military Polish trans-sexual.

It’s nuts, and highly entertaining, with a hilarious punchline at the end. Brazill has a nice way of making you laugh while pulling you in with some really atmospheric writing. As they walk through London, they go “towards a small gaudily-painted flower stall, our black umbrellas flapping in the wind like crows.” Such imagery grabs your imagination throughout.

The ending surprised, and with a vengeful priest packing a crucifix that gets him out of all kinds of trouble, you can imagine what sort of nemesis he’ll meet.

A cracking little read.