Paladins‘ theme is about people helping others. The anthology’s title refers to a body of people who are ‘defenders of the cause.’ The title originates in the soupy ancient past, but is most famous for the twelve men who gathered around Charlemagne. 

Today’s Paladin is Bill Baber, whose Free Fall is the collection’s third story. 

Here’s a quote from the story: ‘A fool would hit the bottom; Eddie just went right on through.’ 


Bill’s stories are all over the Internet and a bunch of well-respected anthologies. Check him out at Shotgun Honey for a tasty taster. 

Aidan Thorn has gathered a bunch of writers round him, like a latter day Arthur, and asked them to swing their pens. The result is Paladins – all in honour of top woman Henrietta Furchtenicht and in aid of fighting Multiple Myeloma. 

Don’t expect candy floss. These are gritty stories.