Contradicting an earlier post, the earliest mention of paladins didn’t centre around the Frankish Charlemagne, but one of his vassals, Roland (a lord from Brittany). So – it seems our charity anthology’s Lord Roland, leader of the Paladins, is Aidan Thorn, author of the collection’s fourth story – Strangers in Vegas. 

If you type his name into Google, he’ll pop up first. Not only will he pop up first, his profile as an author is listed above that of his day job. He might soon have to quit the day job and fall into all the writerly cliches – booze, cigars, paranoia, breakdown, and finally rehab. As long as he keeps writing, that’s all well and good.

Check his story, Belonging, here to see what you’re in for, as well as his extensive bibliography. He has short story collections and a novella published by Near to the Knuckle and Number 13 Press, and glitters across a bunch of anthologies.

Paladins is due out towards the end of February. It’s in honour of the fabulous Henrietta Furchtenicht, who I don’t know personally, but from reading her foreword and stalking her Facebook page (and the love hearts she gives our group’s posts), you can tell she’s a corker.

All profits go to the good people fighting Multiple Myeloma.

I hope you all get involved.