Paladins is a fine mix of British and American writers, and Christopher Davis is one of many who represents the left side of the Atlantic. He has a bunch of grimy, gritty, jammed-in-the-back-teeth shorts on sites such as Near to the Knuckle, where he had the most viewed story of 2014.

He’s in a bunch of anthologies such as Pulp Modern, and a couple of novellas out on Amazon. His perfect piece for Paladins is Low and Outside. Paladins is a charity anthology curated by Aidan Thorn. You can find him allover the internet like kitten pictures, but he’s nowhere near as cute. All profits from the book go to the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation, which fights this form of cancer. The book is in honour of the fabulous Henrietta Furchtenicht who is currently in battle against the condition. Here’s to her. Hope you all get involved.