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“New” story up at The Flash Fiction Offensive

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I have a story up at the fabulous Flash Fiction Offensive. A Conversational Robbery first appeared in my second short story collection, Bullets, Teeth, & Fists 2. You can read it at FFO here.

The second Bullets is full of nourishing noir shorts and novelettes. You can buy the beast HERE.

Punk Noir Magazine published a short one of mine – The Kid with the Sad Face

Think about your motives before you act …

You can read the beast HERE.

New Story, Look at Him – and a New Role

Image by Gadini via pixabay

I have a new story up at the Flash Fiction Offensive, Look at Him. You can read the beast HERE.

I am also joining the digital magazine as a staff writer, mostly interviewing other authors. One of those interviews will be coming up soon. I’m already loving Jesse “Heels” Rawlins’ energy, along with legends Beau Johnson, Jim Shaffer, and Derrick Horodyski.

The Forgotten Man, over at the great Spelk Fiction

Thank you to Cal Marcius over at Spelk Fiction for hosting my short one, The Forgotten Man. You can read the beast HERE.

photo credit: Zarko Drincic via photo pin cc

Pulp Metal Magazine posted one of my shorts: Dirty Night.

photo credit: thetejon via photopin cc
photo credit: thetejon via photopin cc

I have a short one up at Pulp Metal Magazine, called Dirty Night. It involves football, dirty tackles, and one hell of a threat. See the story here:

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