David Chill
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David Chill’s Post Pattern is a PI murder mystery set in LA, around the wild world of college American football players. Burnside is the wise-ass trying to identify a rich kid’s killer, annoying his ex-superiors and bugging his old pals in the force for information. He gets what he wants by handing out favours. He stands for morality in a corrupt world, still chasing the case when the victim’s brother tells him to forget about it and the family just wants to move on. Of course, Burnside cannot move on. He’s a PI and he doesn’t buy the police’s solution to the case. So he perseveres, helped when the father demands answers.
The book is not entirely my cuppa. It feels like a Columbo episode, except Burnside gets to have some bed-sheet action. There’s sex, a few deaths – one of them brutal – a good car chase, and a couple of entertaining punch ups, but I never felt in any danger. Burnside acts all patriarchal around the women, an old-school gent who wants to protect prostitutes, even when he knows they’re too far gone. He does get into a good punch up with one woman, who gives him a good going over. It’s all a breeze, and I could see George Clooney and Brad Pitt swanning around the setting in flash suits. I liked Burnside, but you never get under his skin. He has a past, but the novel never dwells, and so you don’t feel much of his pain. But then, it’s not that kind of novel. He feels old-fashioned. If you want hardboiled, you’re not going to get it here. If you want a quick bit of fun, without long-term consequences, then this is perfect.