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Vin of Venus is a multi-authored novella by Paul D. Brazill, David Cranmer and Garnett Elliott, about a man called Vin found on a Polish roadside, an arm and leg missing, as well as his memory. The only thing that resurfaces are memories of living on Venus. Thus starts his search for his true identity, involving a strange wristband, criminals, and insect-riding warriors.
You’d think this was a trashy bit of nonsense just reading the synopsis, but the book grabs you in the first paragraphs and doesn’t really let go until the slightly disappointing ending.
I’ve not read much of Cranmer and Elliott’s writing, except the former running the fabulous Beat to a Pulp, but I think I can spot the rich imagery of Brazill’s keyboard-pounding in the Venus sections. The words send you through a wormhole and plant your feet directly on Venusian soil, it’s feel exploding your senses. And what a brilliant piece if imagination to have Venusians “milking” a giant insect for its pheromones in order to control and use insects.
The Earth-set majority of the book is dark and moody, making you wonder all the way through who to trust in Vin’s quest for the truth.
The only problem I had is the way it just ended. I understand there’s probably other books (I need to look) in a series, but I would like a proper ending.
But overall, I devoured it pretty quickly.


UPDATE: My apologies to Garnett Elliott, the man responsible for the Venus sections of the book. Really took you there.