Paladins’ David Jaggers contributes Balancing the Scales to this cracking collection. Jaggers has been scurrying around crime fiction’s underbelly for a while until he recently exploded through its stomach to gnash and snarl at us with Down in the Devil Hole (published by Near to the Knuckle). He’s kept good company with Brit Grit superstar Paul D. Brazill in Last Word and that scoundrel Aidan Thorn in Rogue. 

You can get a taste for him through his short stories – here. Paladins is out right now in paperback and ebook form. All profits go to the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation who are working to cure the cancer. The book, curated by Aidan Thorn, is dedicated to Henrietta Furchtenicht who is right now cocking a snook at the disease. Here’s to her.

I hope you all get involved.

You can buy Paladins at Amazon US and Amazon UK.