13 Shots of Noir

13 Shots of Noir is a very funny, twisted, and sometimes sick collection of short stories. It starts and ends with noises: The Tut, about a man haunted by his wife’s tutting, and Thump, about a landlord’s man-mad daughter locked up in the cellar. Creepy and full of lewd humour. Fantastic stuff.

But the filling is full of noir-trition (I’ll get me coat), with The Man Behind the Curtain and The Sins of the Father providing the laughs, The Final Cut the horror, and The Friend Catcher the heart.

The collection is short, but it will make a long journey shorter. I’m off to tell my gin-drinking old man that “Gin makes you sin.”

You can buy 13 Shots of Noir at http://www.amazon.co.uk/kindle/dp/B006AG3H6M, and