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I have a new book coming out a week today – Never Go Back

Friday, 29 November 2019, sees the release of my new crime novel, Never Go Back (published by the good, good people at Close to the Bone), and already it’s had some pre-release reviews – and they’re good. Except one, but I can take that. Here’s the thrust:

Barlow Vine just killed a man – his lover’s lover. Now he’s heading from Spain back to his hometown in the vain hope his actions won’t catch up with him.
In his way are nurses, strange kids in Edwardian garb, one blinding headache, and dead-eyed killers who want to use him for their own ends. It’s a cold, murderous homecoming – and he’ll need the luck of every bastard to survive.

I’ve done a few interviews and guest blog posts over the past few months, including with top man David Nemeth and the brutal Jesse “Heels” Rawlins. She’s a tough one. Here they are if you fancy some fun reads:

Do Some Damage

Punk Noir Magazine

Dorset Book Detective

Centre Stage with Mick Rose

Dirty Books with Tom Leins

If you want to get involved in some dirty-doings, you can follow Barlow Vine’s descent into the underworld HERE. Enjoy.

Early reviews:

Never Go Back is a fun, exciting read filled with twists you’ll love and characters you’ll love to hate.” – J.Salem

“This was a fast-paced action adventure … kept me on my toes. Very good read!” –

“Barlow Vine is a criminal bastard, surrounded by even more bastards … Never Go Back is worth your time. Especially if you like watching people suffer …” – Aurelia Pitchstone

“I couldn’t stop reading … The ending left me wishing there was more to read … I highly recommend it!” – Inkwell Horrors

“New” story up at The Flash Fiction Offensive

Image courtesy of un-perfekt

I have a story up at the fabulous Flash Fiction Offensive. A Conversational Robbery first appeared in my second short story collection, Bullets, Teeth, & Fists 2. You can read it at FFO here.

The second Bullets is full of nourishing noir shorts and novelettes. You can buy the beast HERE.

Punk Noir Magazine published a short one of mine – The Kid with the Sad Face

Think about your motives before you act …

You can read the beast HERE.

The Forgotten Man, over at the great Spelk Fiction

Thank you to Cal Marcius over at Spelk Fiction for hosting my short one, The Forgotten Man. You can read the beast HERE.

photo credit: Zarko Drincic via photo pin cc
“Psychologically complex.”
“This book has some serious grip.” – David S. Atkinson
“They’re barely in their teens, but already they’re streetwise, courageous and honourable, qualities that are tested to the nerve-wracking limit in this gritty coming-of-age tale from a master of description. Compelling reading.” – Brendan Gisby, author of The Bookie’s Runner
“Beech expertly balances the nostalgia of childhood adventures with the brutality of life in a very grown-up and dark town. City of Forts deserves to sit equal with the greats as a piece of entertainment and a study of modern life’s struggle.” – Aidan Thorn, author of Rival Sons
“An excellent slow burn novel.” – Keith Nixon, author of the Solomon Kane and Konstantin series.
Jason Beech’s City Of Forts masterfully blends urban noir with coming of age drama. Tense, atmospheric, and haunting.” – Paul D. Brazill, author of Too Many Cooks and A Case of Noir
“Beech writes in attention-grabbing, visceral prose…” – J. Salem
“This was a fast-paced action adventure. It kept me on my toes and turning the pages to see what was going to happen next. Very good read!” – Latisha Austin
“Never Go Back is worth your time. Especially if you like watching people suffer or enjoy chillin’ with the bad guys.” – Aurelia Pitchstone


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