A body in the basement is about to ruin Ricky’s summer.

“A haunting tale of death, love, and the American Dream on a US town’s mean streets”

Keith Nixon, author of the bestselling Konstantin series.

“A brilliant read that explores society and all its cracks. Jason Beech expertly balances the nostalgia of childhood adventures with the brutality of life in a very grown-up and dark town. City of Forts deserves to sit equal with the greats as a piece of entertainment and a study of modern life’s struggle”

Aidan Thorn, author of When the Music’s Over from Fahrenheit 13 Press.

When Liz Panowich falls through the floorboards of an abandoned house and comes face to face with a body slumped, bloody, against the basement wall, Ricky Nardilo knows this long, hot summer is about to go off the rails. Local gangsters, the Ghost Boys, want to know about the stiff, forcing Ricky and his teenage pals to dig graves, escape danger by the skin of their teeth, and seek the protection of the man from the City. It all works, until the bullets turn towards them.

City of Forts is a coming-of-age crime thriller set in the world of the have-nots, desperate in the face of the haves, where friendships can crumble at the squeeze of a trigger.

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“Moorlands is a tight, atmospheric crime thriller with a strong sense of melancholy.”

– Paul D. Brazill, author of Cold London Blues, Gumshoe, and Too Many Crooks.

“If you want a collection of crime stories you can really sink your teeth into, look no further than author Jason Beech.”

– Carmen Amato, author of Cliff Diver and Hat Dance.


– Ed James, author of the bestselling Scott Cullen series.

Larry wouldn’t care if he never saw his sister again, but a debt to local hard man, Stan, has him scrambling for a ring he stole years ago. He never knew its value until now, but it’s been removed from underneath the floorboards where he hid the emerald-encrusted life-saving jewellery – and the only way to get it back is to find his sister.

And she’s gone missing.

Moorlands is a “psychologically complex” tale of friendships gone wrong, warped family relations, gangsters, and cold-blooded murder.

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“If you want a collection of crime stories you can really sink your teeth into, look no further than author Jason Beech.” – Carmen Amato, author of Cliff Diver, and Hat Dance.

Take a turn down a dark alley and witness a New York cop seeing murders before they happen. Climb a drainpipe and pad your way across London rooftops to see what a man would do to keep his daughter in the country. Drop down again, to that restaurant where a date goes from bad to worse, to boutique coffee. Boutique coffee? Wouldn’t you run?

14 short stories take you from London to New York, and to the sun-seared hills of Ancient Greece, that will have you dodging bullets, teeth, and fists all the way to the end.

The stories:

1. Don’t be Late. He has three jobs this day, and his life depends on the last of them.

2. The Date. John and Alison are on the worst date ever. It can’t get any worse. Can it?

3. Brendan and Carl Have Breakfast. There’s Brendan enjoying his full English breakfast, a little doubtful about his next hit, when Carl drops a bombshell, making him switch target.

4. Bring it on Down. A painfully shy boy blossoms. Into a beast.

5. Tripping up. If this job goes well, Brett can look forward to regular rolls of cash in hand. If only he could stop thinking about beautiful, beautiful Annie.

6. The Spartan. Two boys seek glory in ancient Greece. Which one will live?

7. The Thing that Looked at Me. Andy could have got away with romancing the boss’ wife, if only that thing would have stopped looking at him.

8. Tantrum. What’s a girl to do when IT keeps screaming obscenities at her?

9. Dead Batteries. What’s a posh bloke to do when trapped in the ghetto?

10. Secret Mind. Ally thinks she can hear her husband’s voice – inside her head, when he’s not talking.

11. Where’s my Money? Jack seems to owe Harry every single morning. Like the day kept repeating.

12. The Real Man. New to the neighborhood, Jack’s fellow-villagers all seem intent on ignoring him, until he questions his reality.

13. The Tree. Okay, Will had just popped a pill, but did that tree just shout at him? In a cockney accent?

14. Sleep See. Detective Navickas sees murders in his sleep that take place the next day. He’s doing nothing to stop them. His partner Larry suspects him.

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In New Jersey, a woman flees from her dead boyfriend’s family – who’d like to feed her to their pigs. In Sheffield, a former pop star is willing to humiliate himself to a crowd of smartphones in the hope of a social media-charged escape from his burger van. In the southwest USA, a father goes too far to protect his daughter. On a stage in northern England a drummer brawls with his egotistical front-man after a threat to ditch him – the talent scout better watch out. A gang member, after the robbery of a Saudi prince on the streets of London, strips the other members of their money in pursuit of a dream which leads to mayhem.

Bullets, Teeth, & Fists 2 is a bloodied fist packed with grit and heart, filled with bad and good souls in often horrific moments – where one bad move means an avalanche of trouble.

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The first in a series of PULP COLLECTIONS. This triple ZOMBIE offering is a dish not to be missed.

First up:


Lizzy and Frank are seemingly the only two people left in the world after a zombie apocalypse. Lizzy has visions of being the world’s new Eve. The only problem is Frank being its new Adam. He’s big, dumb, doesn’t look after his teeth, and his bloodshot left eye makes her suspect he’s heading for life as one of the undead. She wants to get away from New Jersey to the less populated New Mexico, but Frank has unfinished business. He wants to find Danny, the man who betrayed his gang of armed robbers, even though he knows he’s one of the brain-dead horde.

In the meantime Lizzy deals with her own demons, checking her old home and the sister she locked away years ago. When she suspects there might be another human out there, a woman to rival her status as Eve, Lizzy’s actions lead to an explosive ending.

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Paladin noun historical – a warrior that is fully devoted to kindness and ridding the universe of evil Paladins is an apt description for the contributors to this charity anthology. This publication has been put together by a whole community of writers who have each written a story especially for this title. The stories all feature a person, or persons in distress and with someone, the knight-errant coming to their aid. Sounds cosy doesn’t it? Well, did I mention that the contributors write gritty tales and have crazed imaginations? Expect pain. Expect violence. Expect…the unexpected. But most of all, expect great stories, written with heart. This anthology was inspired by a very special lady called Henrietta Furchtenicht who was given six months to live when she was diagnosed with Mulitple Myeloma over four years ago – Henri’s battle continues. All proceeds from this book will be going to the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation.

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Betty Peppercorn is burning her husband Frank today. Well, she’s burning her property. The corpse she was left with as a reward for loving somebody for better or worse. Frank exists only in her thoughts, anymore.

To her knowledge, Frank had no friends. Betty’s not even sure he existed before they met. It comes as a major surprise, then, when several strange faces appear at the funeral, each of them bringing their own stories of what Frank meant to them.

As the day goes on, it becomes increasingly apparent that Frank was not the man she thought he was.

Thirteen new and established writers collide in this brand new novel-of-stories project from Ryan Bracha, the brains behind Twelve Mad Men, The Switched, and The Dead Man Trilogy. All proceeds will be donated to Alzheimer’s charities.

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