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A missing sister, an emerald-encrusted ring, dodgy friends, and money-induced cracks in his family pull Larry from the used-up husk he’s become.
His sister, Sophie, is missing and his step-dad, Bill, wants him to use his criminal skills to find her. Larry’s in debt to Stan, who has hidden his dark side well. Larry’s discovered the worth of a ring he stole from Sheffield mayoral candidate and ex-neighbour from childhood days, Terence. It will pay his debt if only he can get his hands on it. Problem – it’s with Bill, who won’t give it back until he finds his sister.
As time runs out on paying Stan his money, Larry fears his sister is more than avoiding everybody. His nerves are stretched at multiple suspicions, from friends’ roving eyes to a suspicious one-night stand.
Torn between greed and sentiment, can Larry escape Stan’s horror – and find Sophie alive?

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Bullets, Teeth & Fists – 19 August 2013

“If you want a collection of crime stories you can really sink your teeth into, look no further than author Jason Beech.” – Carmen Amato, author of Cliff Diver, and Hat Dance.

Take a turn down a dark alley and witness a New York cop seeing murders before they happen. Climb a drainpipe and pad your way across London rooftops to see what a man would do to keep his daughter in the country. Drop down again, to that restaurant where a date goes from bad to worse, to boutique coffee. Boutique coffee? Wouldn’t you run?
14 short stories take you from London to New York, and to the sun-seared hills of Ancient Greece, that will have you dodging bullets, teeth, and fists all the way to the end.

The stories:

1. Don’t be Late. He has three jobs this day, and his life depends on the last of them.

2. The Date. John and Alison are on the worst date ever. It can’t get any worse. Can it?

3. Brendan and Carl Have Breakfast. There’s Brendan enjoying his full English breakfast, a little doubtful about his next hit, when Carl drops a bombshell, making him switch target.

4. Bring it on Down. A painfully shy boy blossoms. Into a beast.

5. Tripping up. If this job goes well, Brett can look forward to regular rolls of cash in hand. If only he could stop thinking about beautiful, beautiful Annie.

6. The Spartan. Two boys seek glory in ancient Greece. Which one will live?

7. The Thing that Looked at Me. Andy could have got away with romancing the boss’ wife, if only that thing would have stopped looking at him.

8. Tantrum. What’s a girl to do when IT keeps screaming obscenities at her?

9. Dead Batteries. What’s a posh bloke to do when trapped in the ghetto?

10. Secret Mind. Ally thinks she can hear her husband’s voice – inside her head, when he’s not talking.

11. Where’s my Money? Jack seems to owe Harry every single morning. Like the day kept repeating.

12. The Real Man. New to the neighborhood, Jack’s fellow-villagers all seem intent on ignoring him, until he questions his reality.

13. The Tree. Okay, Will had just popped a pill, but did that tree just shout at him? In a cockney accent?

14. Sleep See. Detective Navickas sees murders in his sleep that take place the next day. He’s doing nothing to stop them. His partner Larry suspects him.


Triple Zombie

You can buy Triple Zombie from Amazon
You can buy Triple Zombie from Amazon


The first in a series of PULP COLLECTIONS. This triple ZOMBIE offering is a dish not to be missed.

First up:


Lizzy and Frank are seemingly the only two people left in the world after a zombie apocalypse. Lizzy has visions of being the world’s new Eve. The only problem is Frank being its new Adam. He’s big, dumb, doesn’t look after his teeth, and his bloodshot left eye makes her suspect he’s heading for life as one of the undead. She wants to get away from New Jersey to the less populated New Mexico, but Frank has unfinished business. He wants to find Danny, the man who betrayed his gang of armed robbers, even though he knows he’s one of the brain-dead horde.

In the meantime Lizzy deals with her own demons, checking her old home and the sister she locked away years ago. When she suspects there might be another human out there, a woman to rival her status as Eve, Lizzy’s actions lead to an explosive ending.

AUTHOR: JASON BEECH ives with his wife and daughter in New Jersey. As a kid he once stole a mushroom from a corner shop. The owner’s dog followed him all the way home, making him walk about a mile’s diversion from where he lived to shake the damn thing off. Otherwise, he’s a law-abiding citizen who loves crime fiction. He has authored the novel Over the Shoulder and short story collection Bullets, Teeth & Fists. His work can be found at Shotgun Honey, The Flash Fiction Offensive, Plots with Guns, and Pulp Metal Magazine. He structurally edited Monica Kaushik’s Maya & the Butterfly, and her soon-published Warriors of the Darkness.

And then:


In a zombie-ravaged world, only the fittest and most cunning survive. Dwight Fitzgerald used to spend his time smoking weed, going to school, and working on the Treasure Island Adventure Show in Miami as the captain of a pirate ship. Now he fights for survival, and he’s playing the role for real. As he approaches Chicago, hoping that the rumors of a zombie-free city are true, he has no idea that he’s about to clash with the ruler of the Windy City, Captain Meth-Mouth. This lunatic and former junkie has always wanted to be a pirate, and when he sees Dwight’s ship, he seizes the opportunity to live out a savage childhood fantasy . . .

AUTHOR: JOHN BRUNI has never wanted to live in the zombie apocalypse or be a pirate, but he’s always wanted to be a writer. His dream has come true. He is the author of STRIP and TALES OF QUESTIONABLE TASTE, and his work has appeared in many publications, most notably in SHROUD, CTHULHU SEX, A HACKED-UP HOLIDAY MASSACRE, and ZOMBIE! ZOMBIE! BRAIN BANG

And finally:


Johnny Coca Cola, once infamous for filming THE ZOMBIE DINNER PARTY is on the skids in a Malaysian port where he finds Beth who is looking to leave town fast. Together they climb aboard a cargo ship heading for Hamburg with a stopover at Sri Lanka to pick up a container load of dead monkeys. Conner is the middle man, CIA, who is instructed to lose the cargo overseas somewhere in the Indian ocean. All he knows is that the specimens are part of a US funded scientific project to reanimate dead flesh. What could possibly go wrong?

AUTHOR: JAMES A. NEWMAN has published over fifty pulp short stories in various publications all over the world; most recently for STRANGE STORY SATURDAY, BIG PULP and TWISTED TALES Magazines. He writes mainly horror, crime and sci-fi shorts and has recently turned his hand to screenplays after picking up an option for crime novel THE WHITE FLAMINGO .

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  • Bullets, Teeth & Fists Volume 2 – out in September
  • City of Dens – out in 2017


I edited and re-wrote chunks of Monica Kaushik’s novels, Maya & the Butterfly, published by Raider Publishing, and Warriors of the Darkness, which now has a publisher.