Seeing your work with new eyes

You read a million respected blogs about writing, all stressing the need for thorough editing, and there I am nodding my head vigorously in agreement. Don’t release without checking its consistency, its spelling, and its sex scenes. Too right. Only I nearly did, and the sweat induced from that ‘nearly’ is only just drying.

You leave your book for a while, thinking it’s ready, and are about to submit. Then you give it one last glance, only to notice the odd spelling error, the glaring passive voice, a segment that would bore a bore to boredom, and sex that is certainly horny but basically too influenced (in hindsight) by Iain Banks’ Complicity (not his best book by the way – you need to get involved in The Wasp Factory, The Crow Road, and The Bridge).

So, Over the Shoulder (now a bloody good read thank you very much) has had its release delayed so that it gets a proper edit and is ship-shape for the reader’s viewing pleasure. Its previous release date of August has been pushed back into mid-to-late November (in time for Christmas shopping – result). Anybody who has already seen the original MS will now see a leaner, sharper novel, with the sex re-shaped (insert Frankie Howard innuendo, or recycled 50 Shades joke wherever you want).

On its release I’m thinking of a giveaway. I don’t know what yet, but if my cover designer can possibly redefine the book cover’s data I may give it away as a poster along with other goodies. I would actually like that cover in a frame, it’s gorgeous.

Let me know: what are great giveaway ideas for book releases?

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