I’ve interviewed Kevin Berg over The Flash Fiction Offensive. His new book, Ants in My Blood is available on pre-order right now (click US, UK, Canada to get involved). He writes some dark, and darkly funny, stuff.

Click HERE to read the interview. This man does a deep dive with his answers. Great stuff, as always. And thanks to Jesse Rawlins for the platform.

Here’s the Table of Contents:

Free Lunch

Remain Nameless

Meat Sack Full of Maggots

Insatiable Delusion

Pieces Forgotten

Reaching for the Sun

Killing the Other Me

Leftover Wishes

Vibrations Linger

What the Monster Taught

The Day After Pill

Hot As Hell



Eat Up, Cunts

Jesus Christ: Serial Killer

Voice From The Hole

Ants in My Blood