To celebrate today’s release of Bullets, Teeth, & Fists 2 I have Moorlands on sale for 99p, $0.99, and 0.99 euros until 21 November 2016, and the first Bullets, Teeth & Fists is free up to and including 18 November 2016.

Moorlands is 99p, $0.99, and 0.99 euros until 21 November 2016

Small-time crook Larry is in a world of trouble. He has a missing sister, dodgy friends, and money-induced cracks in his family. Sophie is the missing sister, and his step-father wants him to use his criminal skills to find her. Larry’s in debt to a man called Stan, who has a side as dark as a blood streak. As time runs out on paying Stan his money, Larry fears his sister is more than avoiding everybody. His nerves are stretched by multiple tensions, from friends’ roving eyes to the consequences of an ill-advised one-night stand. Can Larry escape Stan’s heavy hand – and find Sophie alive?
Set in Brexit-fever Britain, Moorlands is a rollercoaster ride through the nation’s underbelly, where bitterness, violence, and surges into the wild crawl beneath the surface.

Bullets, Teeth & Fists is free until midnight 18 November 2016

Take a turn down a dark alley and witness a New York cop seeing murders before they happen. Climb a drainpipe and pad your way across London rooftops to see what a man would do to keep his daughter in the country. Drop down again, to that restaurant where a date goes from bad to worse, to boutique coffee. Boutique coffee? Wouldn’t you run?
14 short stories take you from London to New York, and to the sun-seared hills of Ancient Greece, that will have you dodging bullets, teeth, and fists all the way to the end.

Bullets, Teeth, & Fists 2 is 99p, $0.99, and 0.99 euros for a limited time

In New Jersey, a woman flees from her dead boyfriend’s family – who’d like to feed her to their pigs. In Sheffield, a former pop star is willing to humiliate himself to a crowd of smartphones in the hope of a social media-charged escape from his burger van. In the southwest USA, a father goes too far to protect his daughter. On a stage in northern England a drummer brawls with his egotistical front-man after a threat to ditch him – the talent scout better watch out. A gang member, after the robbery of a Saudi prince on the streets of London, strips the other members of their money in pursuit of a dream which leads to mayhem.

Bullets, Teeth, & Fists 2 is a bloodied fist packed with grit and heart, filled with bad and good souls in often horrific moments – where one bad move means an avalanche of trouble.