So, I have a new book out on 14 November, packed with 22 stories across more than 300 pages. You’ll have seen a few on the magnificent crime fiction sites, Shotgun Honey, Pulp Metal Magazine, Plots with Guns, and The Flash Fiction Offensive, but they’ve been heavily edited for their new version in this book.

Most of the stories are new and unseen. They include a novella and a couple of novelettes. Here’s the blurb:

In New Jersey, a woman flees from her dead boyfriend’s family – who’d like to feed her to their pigs. In Sheffield, a former pop star is willing to humiliate himself to a crowd of smartphones in the hope of a social media-charged escape from his burger van. In the southwest USA, a father goes too far to protect his daughter. On a stage in northern England a drummer brawls with his egotistical front-man after a threat to ditch him – the talent scout better watch out. A gang member, after the robbery of a Saudi prince on the streets of London, strips the other members of their money in pursuit of a dream which leads to mayhem.

Bullets, Teeth, & Fists 2 is a bloodied fist packed with grit and heart, filled with bad and good souls in often horrific moments – where one bad move means an avalanche of trouble.

The bugger is available for pre-order at an introductory price of 99p, $0.99, and 0.99 euros for Kindle versions.

Pre-order Bullets, Teeth, & Fists 2 here.

To celebrate, Moorlands will cost 99p, $0.99, and 0.99 euros from 14-21 November and the first Bullets, Teeth & Fists is free from 14-18 November (Kindle versions).

Other stuff you ought to get your eyes on are Thomas Pluck’s Blade of Dishonor, Ryan Bracha’s After Call Work: Verbal Warning, and Remission by Ed Chatterton. I’ve not finished the latter yet, but the thing makes the blood pulse – with one scene at a zoo which might make you vomit.

Bullets, Teeth, & Fists 2 contents:

  1. Pusher
  2. Red Hole
  3. Here Comes a Soul Saver
  4. Getting Home Late
  5. Pop Star Burger Van
  6. If You Want a Job Doing
  7. Die, Witch, Die
  8. A Damned Agreement
  9. Corner Flag
  10. The Cops
  11. Brother
  12. Drumsticks
  13. Banking on It
  14. A Conversational Robbery
  15. The Lad Needs a Lesson
  16. Dirty Night
  17. The Other Woman
  18. Invisible Man
  19. Scrag
  20. Pop Star Burger Van 2
  21. Should Have Been a Son
  22. Dressed to Live