Near to the Knuckle and Number 13 Press author, Aidan Thorn, has produced his wooden stick and conducted a bunch of authors into writing a gritty story for a charitable anthology (out towards the end of February). Paladins is the result, and features a dirty dozen (plus four) writers whose work errs on the dark side.

It is all inspired by Henrietta Furchtenicht and her courage in fighting Multiple Myeloma, which she was diagnosed with in June 2012. When doctors diagnosed her with the rare blood cancer, doctors said she had six months to live. She wasn’t having any of that and continues to make most of life. Her husband, Craig, has a story in the collection.

Here is Henrietta’s foreword for the anthology:

A few years ago I would have never imagined myself writing these words on the night before Christmas 2015. When my oncologist first diagnosed me with Multiple Myeloma in June of 2012 he only gave me 6 months to live. I was already in the last stage of this rare form of blood cancer that attacks the plasma cells found in the bone marrow. At the time of my diagnosis I had seven broken ribs on my left side. He told me that there was no cure for my type of cancer. We could only treat it to the point of remission with high doses of chemotherapy and stem cell transplants. This is when I was first introduced to Dr. Guido Tricot, the finest oncologist that Belgium has ever produced. He has kept me alive, though at times I thought he was trying to kill me in the process…

All proceeds will go to the Myeloma Foundation.

First on the list is Keith Nixon‘s Heir to the Throne. Nixon is a prolific writer and has garnered a bunch of rave reviews for his novels, which range from modern crime to Roman (Empire) intrigue. He also reviews books at Crime Fiction Lover, where he tells it like it is. Heir to the Throne should be a corker.