You can buy Triple Zombie from Amazon
You can buy Triple Zombie from Amazon

The fabulous Spanking Pulp Press has released Triple Zombie, featuring three tales of undead mayhem that will have you looking over your shoulder, under the bed, inside the wardrobe, and behind the curtain.

The three stories are my The Bloody Path to New Mexico, John Bruni’s Captain Meth-Mouth of the High Seas of Chicago, and James A. Newman’s Undead Cargo.

I’d never thought to write about zombies. The only zombie film I like is Shaun of the Dead (“Shaaaaauuunnn”), but Ryan Sayles’ story in C’mon Do the Apocalypse pulled out my intestines and wrapped them round my neck. For the longest time afterwards I could only see zombies. However, I wanted them in the background, and just like Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy isn’t about spying, this is not really about zombies. It’s about Lizzy. She wants to shape this new world her way. I can’t blame her.

If there’s any reviewers out there interested in poring over this beast, please let me know and I’ll send you a free PDF copy.

Triple Zombie:


Lizzy and Frank are seemingly the only two people left in the world after a zombie apocalypse. Lizzy has visions of being the world’s new Eve. The only problem is Frank being its new Adam. He’s big, dumb, doesn’t look after his teeth, and his bloodshot left eye makes her suspect he’s heading for life as one of the undead. She wants to get away from New Jersey to the less populated New Mexico, but Frank has unfinished business. He wants to find Danny, the man who betrayed his gang of armed robbers, even though he knows he’s one of the brain-dead horde.

In the meantime Lizzy deals with her own demons, checking her old home and the sister she locked away years ago. When she suspects there might be another human out there, a woman to rival her status as Eve, Lizzy’s actions lead to an explosive ending.


In a zombie-ravaged world, only the fittest and most cunning survive. Dwight Fitzgerald used to spend his time smoking weed, going to school, and working on the Treasure Island Adventure Show in Miami as the captain of a pirate ship. Now he fights for survival, and he’s playing the role for real. As he approaches Chicago, hoping that the rumors of a zombie-free city are true, he has no idea that he’s about to clash with the ruler of the Windy City, Captain Meth-Mouth. This lunatic and former junkie has always wanted to be a pirate, and when he sees Dwight’s ship, he seizes the opportunity to live out a savage childhood fantasy . . .


Johnny Coca Cola, once infamous for filming THE ZOMBIE DINNER PARTY is on the skids in a Malaysian port where he finds Beth who is looking to leave town fast. Together they climb aboard a cargo ship heading for Hamburg with a stopover at Sri Lanka to pick up a container load of dead monkeys. Conner is the middle man, CIA, who is instructed to lose the cargo overseas somewhere in the Indian ocean. All he knows is that the specimens are part of a US funded scientific project to reanimate dead flesh. What could possibly go wrong?